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TEFCO has provided custom gaskets and sealing products to the food, petrochemical, industrial, oem, and railcar industries for over 30 years. Tefco Industries is your one stop shop for gaskets and sealing products. With over 60 years experience in the gasket and sealing industry, you can be assured that when you purchase from TEFCO, you are only receiving the highest quality parts that will function to maximum capacity. We manufacture all of our custom gaskets and sealing products in-house, allowing us to fill customized orders for a variety of shapes and sizes. We feature in-house design and custom dye manufacturing. By cutting out the middle man, we pass our savings on to our customers and manufacture your parts in a timely fashion.


Whether it is a small production run involving special custom shapes and exotic materials or a large volume standard size gasket project we can provide fast turnaround times at competitive pricing. Please send us your gasket or sealing products inquiry and we will be happy to quote you.


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